The Corporation of the Seven Wardens - Camp 2 - Montreal

Irong Ring Remplacement

Mr. or Mrs.  
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Certificate No.
(If you have it, fine: if not, we will search in our records if we have the above information)
Note : Specify the size of the iron ring in full or ½ point (….6.0, 61/2, 7.0, 71/2….etc.)
Sizes in ¼ point are not available.
Check one of the following box:  
I lost my iron ring and I wish to obtain a new one of size   
I wish to exchange the enclosed iron ring of size     against a ring of size     (Every exchanged ring must be returned)
I wish to receive a duplicate of my certificate (10$ CAD extra)
Other (specify)
I certify having attended a ceremony and pronounced the Engineer’s obligation. I also certify that the above mentioned information is exact.  
Your request will be processed as soon as possible
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